Ditty 11*23*21-1

Good day wonderful crafting, art-ing, generally interested in fun DIY eye candy, beings. I am Gramma. Sweet to make your interest, and of course, it’s nice to meet you all too.

As named above, I am a gramma and a preachers wife, who likes to DIY arts and crafts. First time (day) blogger, and video maker. I get on kicks that may last for months, or I might feel like once is enough. There really is only umpteen zillion fails before I might… realize I can’t create something. For the last couple of months, I’ve been trying my hand at Junk Journals. Well….. more the ephemera parts of them. But I finally decided to try finishing the boho one, before I started another…Yeah Riiiiiighttt… hehehe. They are fantastically versatile, for whatever your creative minds can conjure.

So, for my first what craft is in my ditty bag post, I will hopefully load up my first boho junk journal flip-through video, and a sneak peak at the next one I’m working on. Please bear with me, the youngins (yt whizz & sibling) are in school, the hubby is in a meeting (napping lol), so I am teaching myself how to do this. I’m sure I’ll be bloopering all over the place. I will also try to add links of where I found digital printables. Without trying to embed whatever that long code thing is. Bwahaha.

Had to start the you tube channel as well. Ha, I’m a nut.

I might have to update, or do another post for links to the digital papers. I’ll get there eventually. I know there’s a way without the entire site to pop up.

I will be posting other groovy crafts I’ve done as well. So fret not, ( me mostly), I too, like jj’s, can be versatile.

Have a most peaceful day, and try to figure out what you’d like to pull out of your own ditty bag.

Almost forgot the sneak peek. I might get frustrated with it… very tedious.

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  1. Looks like you’re off to a great start! I wish you lots of fun and success in your blogging efforts, and am looking forward to what other crafts you have up your sleeve. 😀


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